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Iowa Starting Line – profile

I wanted to share this great article by Pat Rynard of Iowa Starting Line with you (read here). An extract:

What Sestak has done, however, is show up everywhere in Iowa. Literally, everywhere.

In fact, since arriving in the lead-off caucus state on the first day of his candidacy, he hasn’t left. Sestak has been in Iowa for 36 days straight, meaning he has surpassed every single other Democrat in the amount of time spent in the state this year.

And he’s adopted an unorthodox, guerrilla-style strategy to campaigning here that is… actually going kinda well, frankly.

“We’re camping out, we’re not moving,” Sestak told Starting Line in an interview on Saturday. “We’ve got a great group rate with the Econo Lodge. They love us.”

Last week, he attended a meet-and-greet with the Linn County Democrats, the third time he’d been to the state’s second-largest county. About 150 people were there, and when Sestak asked how many of them had already seen him, half the room raised their hands. Nearly all the rest said they had at least heard of him.

“The reception is Iowa Nice,” Sestak said. “I think we’ve gotten decent exposure. We know the situation we’re in.”