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Interview on Local 4 News (WHBF) in the Quad Cities

I wast interviewed for ‘4 the Record’ with Jim Niedelman on Local 4 TV News (WHBF) in the Quad Cities – talking about Russia, Afghanistan, Syria and more (click below to watch).

Niedelman told viewers: “He arguably has more experience in this area than most of the rest of the field because of his military experience and the time he served on the National Security Council during the Clinton administration.”

I spoke of the challenges we face today, saying: “The world has changed… it’s about using all the instruments of our power, bringing our allies together… so all follow the rules of the road on trade and diplomacy.”

On Russia and China, I called for a new approach: “There are sanctions upon Russia, and now Mr. Trump is thinking of removing them. Absolutely no way. They should be increased – also, as you remember recently, they commandeered Ukrainian warships and we did nothing. So we should be able to increase those sanctions… Russia is basically a gas station. Sanctions should have been applied right there, not only on their oligarchs, but on their ability to sell gas. Russia’s a problem. But it’s mainly a problem for their ‘near abroad’ countries such as Ukraine and Estonia… the real global challenge is China.”

I also shared thoughts on Afghanistan and Iraq: “We took forces and resources from Afghanistan, where we were succeeding in taking out the Taliban, and put them in Iraq. Washington can’t do two wars at once.”

Asked what differentiated me from the current frontrunner, Joe Biden, I replied: “I’m the Joe — with all due respect to the Vice-President — who, on Anita Hill, did stand up to Senator Arlen Specter, who tried to humiliate her… Joe Biden made a different decision. Also there was his vote for that tragic misadventure in Iraqwe do need someone in the White House named Joe, but a Joe who understands the world and knows that before you use our military you need to know how it will end.

You can watch the foreign policy portion of my interview here. I also talked about education and training (here) and reducing the power of corporations (here).