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Newsmax print interview on Iran

I talked to Newsmax (here) about the crisis in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Iran: if there is a war against Iran, it would make previous U.S. military campaigns in the Middle East look “like a cake walk… neither Mr. Trump nor Democrats understand  because they haven’t operated there  that our carrier battlegroups cannot survive in the Persian Gulf.”

“Iranian coastal defenses would likely render the entire Persian Gulf off limits to U.S. Navy warships. Iran’s advanced surface-to-air missile defenses would be a significant threat to U.S. pilots,” I told Newsmax, and we risk “hundreds of missiles that rain down on bases in Bahrain and Qatar that are ours, as well as Israel.”

The issue with using military force is “how wisely do you use it — and don’t get into another tragic misadventure like Iraq… If you’re going to use our military, you’d better know how it’s going to end before you decide it’s wise to begin.”