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Daily Iowan — “‘We’ve been there too long’: Retired Navy Adm. Joe Sestak would pull troops out of Afghanistan as president”

I spoke to the Daily Iowan about the war in Afghanistan (here). Key quote:

Over tacos-in-a-bag at Vesta in Coralville, Sestak told the Coralville-North Corridor Rotary Club on Sept. 18 that the U.S. needed a world affairs leader in the Oval Office, frequently using military analogies to describe leading the U.S. in the right direction on foreign policy.

“America’s greatest power is the power to continue to bring the nations and the peoples in the world together for common causes,” Sestak said.

The visit was his 11th public stop in Iowa this month, according to the Des Moines Register caucus candidate tracker.

Sestak sees the United States as convening global power, and the person in the Oval Office should be ready to unite allies against perceived conflict and global problems.

As commander-in-chief, he would address what he calls the rise of an illiberal China and said he would be better at weighing the costs and benefits of getting into a war, criticizing the U.S. involvement in Iraq.