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Delco Times – Sestak takes presidential bid to Chestnut Hill College

The Delco Times covered my speech to students at Chestnut Hill College (here). Key quote:

Even though he doesn’t have the campaign chest or the name recognition of many of the other 20-something other Democrats vying to be the party’s nominee for president, Joe Sestak is banking on a ground game that affords him a come-from-behind victory.

To that end he’s logged some 17,000 miles in Iowa, shaking over 30,000 hands and establishing contacts who will support him come caucus time.

“In all these caucuses you have to have a precinct captain on his side for each of the 18 caucuses … Amateurs to tactics, experts do logistics,” said Sestak. “That was our priority. That’s an organizational feat.”

“What we want to do is secure the beach head in Iowa,” he said.

The former Delaware County resident, who represented the 7th Congressional District for two terms, spent 77 out of the last 90 days in that state. He aims to join the other Democratic candidates in the debates this fall.

He will spend most of October in New Hampshire, the other early voting state.