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‘President Sestak has a ring to it’ – Naples News

This great letter ran in the Naples News (here and below):

‘President Sestak has a ring to it’

Carl Hiaasen grabbed my attention recently with his headline “Do Dems really think President Sestak has a ring to it?” Well, for me: yes it does!

A decade ago in a place far, far away Joe Sestak was my House representative from the Pennsylvania 7th District, before his job was gerrymandered. Mr. Hiaasen doesn’t say much more about Mr. Sestsak other than his status as an also ran. This is a shame because as a military man, Joe probably would have been favorable to Republicans. He did retire from the Navy as a three star Admiral. But that too was long, long ago and as we know today, Republicans are much more enamored with reality television stars.

James vonW. Price, Naples