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Amarillo Pioneer: Sestak Emphasizes Bipartisanship, Rural Issues in 2020 Bid

I spoke to the Pioneer in Amarillo, Texas – you can read my interview here. An extract below:

Joe Sestak has lived a life of public service, serving over thirty years in the U.S. Navy and rising to the rank of 3-star Admiral. Sestak later served as President Bill Clinton’s Director for Defense Policy on the National Security Council, and later was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania, becoming the highest-ranked military officer ever elected to Congress.

Today, Sestak is running for President, seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination. He launched his bid for the White House earlier this year after initially deciding not to run due to his daughter’s brain cancer, which is now in remission. However, he decided to jump into the race because he believes something is missing from the public dialogue.

“We need someone to be President who can unite this country,” Sestak said.

One of the biggest ways Sestak wants to focus on uniting the country is by listening to the concerns of rural voters. Noting that many rural counties across the country, including those in the Texas Panhandle, voted for Donald Trump by wide margins in 2016, he feels that he can earn the support of these areas by talking to voters there about the issues that matter to them. He proposes hosting a town hall in “the middle of America” as one his first acts as President, talking to rural voters about their concerns.