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Walk with Joe

Since I announced my candidacy, I’ve talked about how we must unite this country through accountable leadership in Washington. And as Atticus explained to Scout in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ “You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them.” Not only have I believed this since I got into politics, but also in the U.S. Navy. It’s why, in 2015, I walked 422 miles across the entire breadth of my home state of Pennsylvania: to meet and understand people, and to show that I stood for them. And it’s why I walked across New Hampshire — 105 miles from Chesterfield, on the border with Vermont, to Portsmouth, where the harbor opens to the Atlantic Ocean, from October 13th to October 20th.

After spending three months getting to know Iowans — driving 17,000 miles for 235 events and shaking nearly 30,000 hands — I wanted to listen to New Hampshirites and understand the challenges that they face as well, many of which are faced by working families across America. I set out early every morning and finished late at night, walking along highways and byways, through towns and cities and rural communities. I stopped along the way to talk with people about issues from education “training for a lifetime” to national security and healthcare (including the opioid crisis), and from small businesses and jobs to veterans and healthy habitats. I took breaks to stray from the route to attend other events throughout the day and evening — but when I did, I put a stick in the ground and came back to the same point later on to continue the walk.

Join me — walk with me, attend any of the events, or share my message on social media. We need a President who knows Americans, all Americans. We need a President who walks in their shoes and will unite America again.